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VerticalFlowElement class

A container element that arranges its children in a vertical flow layout.


AbstractTableElement > VerticalFlowElement




new VerticalFlowElement() #

Creates a new instance.


Color backgroundColor #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The background color.

final List<TableElement> elements #

Returns a (new) list containing the elements in this flow layout.

Color foregroundColor #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The foreground color.

Insets insets #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The insets.

RefPt2D refPoint #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The reference point for the element.

String tag #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The element tag.

VAlign verticalAlignment #

The vertical alignment of the contents of each column.

num vgap #

The vertical gap between elements in the same column, specified in Java2D units.


void addElement(TableElement element) #

Adds a sub-element to the list.

num calcColumnHeight(List<ElementInfo> elementInfoList, num vgap) #

Calculates the total height of the elements that will form one column.

num calcColumnWidth(List<ElementInfo> elementInfoList) #

Returns the width of the widest element in the list.

void draw(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Draws the element and all of its subelements within the specified bounds.

List<Rectangle> layoutElements(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Calculates the layout for the elements within this element, returning a list of bounding rectangles.

docs inherited from TableElement

Dimension2D preferredSize(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Returns the preferred size for the element.

void receive(TableElementVisitor visitor) #

Receives a {@link TableElementVisitor} (the visitor will be received by all the elements in the flow).