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TickData class

A container for information about a tick value or label. This is used for both numerical axes and category axes.


new TickData(num pos, Comparable key, String keyLabel) #

Creates a new instance for a category on a category axis.

new TickData.forValue(num pos, num dataValue) #

Creates a new instance for a numerical value on a value axis.

new TickData.fromSource(TickData source, int index) #

Creates a new instance by copying an existing instance but updating the vertex index.


Point anchorPt #

The anchor point.

num dataValue #

The data value (numerical axis only).

Comparable key #

The key for the tick mark (category axis only).

String keyLabel #

The key label (category axis only).

num pos #

The position on the axis for the tick mark as a percentage (0.0 to 1.0).

int vertexIndex #

The index of the vertex in 3D space which provides the anchor point for overlaying the tick label after the chart is rendered.