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TableElement abstract class

An interface for an element that can be displayed in a tabular format. This is the building block for a 2D layout used to create chart legends.


AbstractTableElement, ColorScaleElement, ContainerElement, GridElement, ShapeElement, TextElement


final RefPt2D refPoint #

Returns the reference point for the element.


abstract void draw(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Draws this element and all of its children on the canvas within the specified bounds.

abstract List<Rectangle> layoutElements(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Calculates the layout for the elements within this element, returning a list of bounding rectangles.

abstract Dimension2D preferredSize(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Returns the preferred size of the element. The bounds provides some context regarding the maximum available height and width.

abstract void receive(TableElementVisitor visitor) #

Receives a visitor. This is part of a general mechanism for traversing a structure of table elements and performing operations on each one.