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ShapeElement class

A table element that draws a shape. For now, this element draws only rectangles (later we hope to add more general shape support to mirror the same feature in the Java and Android version of Orson Charts).


AbstractTableElement > ShapeElement




new ShapeElement(Rectangle shape, Color fillColor) #

Creates a new shape element.


Color backgroundColor #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The background color.

Color foregroundColor #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The foreground color.

Insets insets #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The insets.

RefPt2D refPoint #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The reference point for the element.

Rectangle shape #

The shape.

String tag #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

The element tag.


void draw(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Draws this element and all of its children on the canvas within the specified bounds.

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List<Rectangle> layoutElements(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Calculates the layout for the elements within this element, returning a list of bounding rectangles.

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Dimension2D preferredSize(CanvasRenderingContext2D context, Rectangle bounds) #

Returns the preferred size of the element. The bounds provides some context regarding the maximum available height and width.

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void receive(TableElementVisitor visitor) #

inherited from AbstractTableElement

Receives a visitor. This is part of a general mechanism for traversing a structure of table elements and performing operations on each one.

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