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RainbowScale class

A ColorScale that translates data values to the full colors of the rainbow.


AbstractColorScale > RainbowScale



Static Properties

final Range ALL_HUES #

All hues in the color space.

final Range BLUE_TO_RED_RANGE #

A subset of the hues just containing blue through red.


new RainbowScale(Range range, int samples, Range hueSubrange) #

Creates a new scale for the specified data range, with a fixed number of samples, and the specified hueSubrange.


List<Color> colors #

final Range hueSubrange #

Returns the hue subrange, as specified in the constructor.

final Range range #

inherited from AbstractColorScale

Returns the value range for the color scale.

final int sampleCount #

Returns the number of samplees in the scale, as specified in the constructor.


Color valueToColor(num value) #

Returns the color on the scale that corresponds to the specified value.

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