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Plot3D abstract class

The base interface required to be implemented by all plots.


ChartElement > Plot3D


AbstractPlot3D, PiePlot3D, XYZPlot


final Dimension3D dimensions #

Returns the dimensions of the plot.

final List<LegendItemInfo> legendInfo #

Returns a list of items to be displayed in the chart's legend. Typically there will be one item per series in the chart. The legendBuilder assigned to the chart will take this list and construct the elements for display.


abstract void addChangeListener(Plot3DChangeListener listener) #

Registers a listener to receive notification of changes to the plot.

abstract void compose(World world, num xOffset, num yOffset, num zOffset) #

Composes the objects that are required to display this plot, placing them in the specified world. Typically most of the composition work will be delegated to a renderer, although some plot subclasses (for example, PiePlot3D) will perform the composition directly.

abstract void receive(ChartElementVisitor visitor) #

inherited from ChartElement

Receives a visitor. This is part of a general mechanism for traversing all the elements that make up a chart structure.

abstract void removeChangeListener(Plot3DChangeListener listener) #

Deregisters a listener so that it no longer receives notification of changes to the plot.