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DefaultKeyedValues<T> class




new DefaultKeyedValues() #

Creates a new Object instance.

Object instances have no meaningful state, and are only useful through their identity. An Object instance is equal to itself only.

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new DefaultKeyedValues.withKeys(List<Comparable> keys) #


List<KeyedValue<T>> data #

final int itemCount #

Returns the number of items.

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final List<Comparable> keys #

Creates and returns a new list containing all the keys for this list of keyed values.


void clear() #

int getIndex(Comparable key) #

Returns the index for the specified key, or -1.

Comparable getKey(int index) #

Returns the key with the specified index.

T getValue(Comparable key) #

Returns the value with the specified key.

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T getValueByIndex(int item) #

Returns the value at the specified position in this list of keyed values.

void put(Comparable key, T value) #

void remove(Comparable key) #

void removeByIndex(int index) #