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ColorScaleLegendBuilder class

A legend builder that creates a specialised legend that displays a ColorScale. This is used for the surface plots.




new ColorScaleLegendBuilder() #

Creates a new instance.


num barLength #

The length of the bar showing the color scale (in canvas units).

num barWidth #

The width of the bar showing the color scale (in canvas units).

bool ignoreFixedColorScale #

A flag to determine whether or not FixedColorScale is ignored (defaults to true).


TableElement createColorScaleLegend(ColorScaleRenderer r, Orientation orientation, Anchor2D anchor, ChartStyle style) #

TableElement createLegend(Plot3D plot, Anchor2D anchor, Orientation orientation, ChartStyle style) #

Creates a new color scale legend with the specified orientation. If the plot does not use a renderer that implements {@link ColorScaleRenderer} then this method will return <code>null</code> and no legend will be drawn on the chart.