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ChartManager class

A class that manages the rendering of a chart on a canvas element and handles all user interactions.


new ChartManager(Chart3D chart, CanvasElement canvas, bool interactive) #

Creates a new Object instance.

Object instances have no meaningful state, and are only useful through their identity. An Object instance is equal to itself only.

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CanvasElement canvas #

Chart3D chart #


void handleMouseMove(MouseEvent event) #

Handles a mouseMove event.

void handleTouchMove(TouchEvent event) #

Handles a touchMove event.

void handleTouchStart(TouchEvent event) #

Handles a touchStart event.

void mouseWheelMoved(WheelEvent event) #

Handles a mouseWheelMoved event.

void recordMouseDown(MouseEvent event) #

Handles a mouseDown event.

void recordMouseUp(MouseEvent event) #

Handles a mouseUp event.