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CategoryRenderer3D abstract class

The interface that is supported by all renderers that are used with the CategoryPlot3D class.


ChartElement > Renderer3D > CategoryRenderer3D




abstract void set colors(List<Color> colors) #

Sets the colors for the renderer (the implementation of this method can update the colorSource - refer to the documentation of specific subclasses for details).

abstract CategoryColorSource get colorSource #

Returns the color source for the renderer.

abstract void set colorSource(CategoryColorSource source) #

Sets the color source for the renderer and sends a Renderer3DChangeEvent to all registered listeners.

abstract CategoryPlot3D get plot #

Returns the plot that the renderer is assigned to.

abstract void set plot(CategoryPlot3D plot) #

Sets the plot that the renderer is assigned to.


abstract void addChangeListener(Renderer3DChangeListener listener) #

inherited from Renderer3D

Registers a listener so that it will receive notification of changes to the renderer.

abstract void composeItem(CategoryDataset3D dataset, int series, int row, int column, World world, Dimension3D dimensions, num xOffset, num yOffset, num zOffset) #

Composes an item from the dataset (this is the process of constructing the 3D object(s) to represent the data item, and adding it/them to the world).

abstract Range findValueRange(Values3D dataset) #

Returns the range of values that this renderer requires on the y-axis in order to display all the items in the dataset.

abstract void receive(ChartElementVisitor visitor) #

inherited from ChartElement

Receives a visitor. This is part of a general mechanism for traversing all the elements that make up a chart structure.

abstract void removeChangeListener(Renderer3DChangeListener listener) #

inherited from Renderer3D

Deregisters a listener so that it will no longer receive notification of changes to the renderer.