JFreeChart Developer Guide

The JFreeChart Developer Guide is the most comprehensive documentation available for the JFreeChart Class Library. Written by David Gilbert, the original author of JFreeChart, the guide will help you to get the best out of JFreeChart.

  • contains tutorial and reference information (see the content overview below);
  • access to all the SOURCE CODE for the demos that ship with JFreeChart;
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Customer Comments

Feedback from our customers is very encouraging, and few ever take advantage of our money back guarantee. Here are some selected quotes...

"well worth the money spent." M.J.

"I bought your guide (and don't forget the associated demo source code - perhaps more important than the guide), and certainly don't regret it." M.B.

Contents Overview

The JFreeChart Developer Guide is an electronic document (Acrobat PDF format, approximately 625 pages) containing detailed information about JFreeChart. The guide is frequently updated, and purchasers can download updates free of charge for one year from the date of purchase. The following table summarises the content of the document:

  1. Introduction -- an overview of JFreeChart;
  2. Sample Charts -- a range of sample charts;
  3. Downloading and Installing JFreeChart -- information about downloading and installing JFreeChart;
  4. Using JFreeChart -- a first look at using JFreeChart;
  5. Pie Charts -- a pie chart tutorial;
  6. Bar Charts -- a bar chart tutorial;
  7. Line Charts -- a line chart tutorial;
  8. Time Series Charts -- a time series chart tutorial;
  9. Customising Charts -- general customisation of charts;
  10. Dynamic Charts -- the dynamic chart update mechanism;
  11. Tooltips -- support for tooltips;
  12. Item Labels -- labels for data items;
  13. Multiple Axes and Datasets -- charts with multiple axes and datasets;
  14. Combined Charts -- charts with subplots sharing a common axis;
  15. Datasets and JDBC -- some notes on extracting data from a database;
  16. Exporting Charts to Acrobat PDF -- using iText to export charts to PDF format;
  17. Exporting Charts to SVG Format -- using Batik to export charts to SVG format;
  18. Applets -- a simple introduction to JFreeChart in applets;
  19. Servlets -- using JFreeChart in servlets;
  20. Miscellaneous -- a brief coverage of some miscellaneous topics;
  21. Reference chapters for each package in the JFreeChart API -- each class is covered in its own section, with hyperlinks to related classes.

Thanks For Your Support

We appreciate your financial support for our work. By purchasing the JFreeChart Developer Guide, you are contributing to the ongoing improvement and development of JFreeChart and other important open source projects. Thanks!